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Will You Set Facebook As Your Home Page?

Will You Set Facebook as Your Home Page?

Will You Set Facebook as Your Home Page?

Admit it. You come home and log onto your computer, check your iPad or PDA and look at Facebook before reading your emails. If this is the case and Facebook has taken over your world, do you want to change your browser’s home page to reflect your online behavior?

Apparently Facebook thinks you should do so, or at least they would like to make it easier for you to spend more time on their site. Already most users log on daily for 45-60 minutes to the social networking giant. Today, when I logged onto my account using the Firefox browser, I was greeted with the option of setting Facebook as my home page. Although I frequently look at Facebook before I settle down to write, I still prefer having my own business home page appear when I open up my browser.

For those whose love affairs have Facebook are at the top of the totem pole, this new feature might be for you.

If you plan on making Facebook your home page, please let us know. If you think they’ve gone overboard with taking over your life and the world, we’d like to hear from you.

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Julie Spira is a social media expert and bestselling author. She works with individuals, businesses, and authors on creating their social media presence on the web.

  • Roxie B

    I won't be setting Facebook as my homepage. Recently I've vowed to take a break from Facebook and limit my visits. I decided to do this for personal reasons and right before I saw The Social Network. After seeing the film it occurred to me that Facebook has lost what drove it's creation: exclusivity. Now consumers are asked to “like” businesses, products, as well as all the forms of entertainment on Facebook. Individuals get “tagged” by people one would avoid on the street or worse, not even remember. I mean, I could love your product, I could want to check out my fb friends —- but stop telling me I have to. That's what makes fb decidedly “uncool” and makes its formerly fun addictive nature bothersome. Making fb my homepage? Convenient? yes. Necessary? no. People who use fb will check their pages anyway but having it staring at me whenever I log on? Seems creepy and again — uncool. Now everybody is on Facebook, everyone is supposed to be on Facebook, and everything should be linked to Facebook. yawn. Right now Google is my homepage. That clearly is the window to the world.

  • JulieSpira

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. I have not changed my home page. I use Google as the home page in one browser and my business site as the home page in another browser. I spend much more time than the average person on Facebook as my business is social media marketing, but I've been discouraged to “like” posts that I actually really do like, as they will automatically appear on my personal profile (and without any personal comments). Since I ration the amount of posts on my personal page to 4 maximum per day, those that I really like will not be shared. The bottom line is it discourages people from liking a profile. Without a personal note, it doesn't seem social to me.

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer setting a universal page like as my home page instead. It includes Facebook sign in, yes, but there are some other nice options.

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