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Experts Say Some Women Face Violence Through Social Media

Cyber Stalking - Julie SpiraWhen I was asked as a cyber-relations expert to contribute to an article about cyberstalking and social media safety for Women’s E News, I was honored to provide my two cents worth.

The story appeared in the Ottowa Citizen, Cyberstalking turns web technologies into weapons. The article headline is pretty powerful and will raise several digital eyebrows.

Before you accuse me of being a “Debbie Downer,” you should know that I absolutely love social media. It’s changed all forms of communication, marketing, journalism, and helped develop strong bonds between people who have a voice that should be heard.

When it was pointed out to me that the U.S. National Violence Against Women Survey reported that 60% of cyberstalking victims were women, I realized that we all have a responsibility as friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter to take notice if any of our digital friends are in trouble.

In the U.K., a cyberstalking study conducted by the British Electronic Communication Harassment Organization at Bedford University found that harassment via social networking sites, mobile phone, and email was greater than stalking in-real-life.

As an estimated 4% of cyberstalkers appear on traditional online dating sites, my advice in the article was as follows:

“If a date goes bad or someone breaks up, the jilted person can use the very sites through which they met their victims to turn around and harass them,” says Julie Spira, creator of the site”

It’s my mission to help people safely navigate the web, both in matters of the heart and in everyday life. Cyber-safety is at the top of my list and I hope you join me in making the the world-wide-web a safer place to reside.

Julie Spira is a cyber-relations and online dating expert and the author of the bestseller, The Perils of Cyber-Dating. She’s the CEO of Social Media and More and Editor-in-Chief at

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Julie Spira is a social media expert and bestselling author. She works with individuals, businesses, and authors on creating their social media presence on the web.

  • Gail Gardner

    What few seem to understand is that violence against women is so socially acceptable in America that it happens all the time – and some of it escalates to rape, physical abuse, and murder. There is a huge buzz right now about the stalker app Girls Around Me and every Internet user should read about it so they can better understand how easy what you’re doing online makes it for a dangerous person to track you. 

    At least two high profile bloggers received death threats they took seriously enough to go offline for a while and canceled public appearances.  Few realize that for years now, online white pages list the names and ages of your children and your known relatives. People need to know that because most would release your child to ANY con artist or pedophile who tell a good story and knows the right names and details to make it appear they are a relative or close family friend. 

    I have links about everything I have mentioned that I can provide should anyone want to see them. (Many sites don’t like links in comments so I never know whether to share them or not.) So I will post this comment first and then try to share the best story about that stalker app. 

  • Gail Gardner

    Cult of Mac broke the story about the Stalker App here >> and now there are many stories elsewhere and follow-ups on their site.

  • Adam Donkus

    something to think about..I’ll share with my daughters..

  • JulieSpira

    Thank you for your comments. This story originally appeared on Women’s E News in May of 2011,1 and was reposted just last week in the Ottowa citizen. Cyber safety is an ongoing issue and creating awareness is important.

  • Seimon

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    It’s changed all types of correspondence, advertising, news-casting, and created solid bonds between individuals who have a voice that ought to be listened. When it was indicated out me that the U.S. National Violence against Women Survey reported that 60% of digital stalking casualties were ladies, I imagine that we as a whole have an obligation as companions to illuminate others.

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